The purpose of The Essex Alliance is to raise the voice of the community sector and through this the voice of the people of Essex. By doing this we aim to facilitate a stronger and more coordinated representation of our unified voice with our stakeholders.

The primary aims and aspirations of The Essex Alliance are:

  • Improved community outcomes and improved quality of service
  • Improved representation of the Third Sector throughout Essex
  • Improved access to Third Sector services
  • Empowered Third Sector and thriving communities
  • Improved community safety
  • Redesigned services/pathways with the help of partners
  • Improved information between partners, members and communities
  • Good ideas and best practice shared with all members and partners
  • Risks and learning shared with each other
  • Inequalities reduced
  • Equality duty met

Who can join?

Representatives from all Voluntary and Community Sector organisations in Essex are welcome to join The Essex Alliance, including charities, not for profit organisations and social enterprises.

All members are required to have the backing of their Board of Trustees’ (or equivalent) to become a member of The Essex Alliance. This will mean that The Essex Alliance has full organisational support from its members, thus strengthening its collective and unified voice.

All members are encouraged to support our initiatives through conversation and communication with their contacts, the wider sector and their local community

There is currently no membership fee.

To find out more, please visit our website:

Contact The Essex Alliance