What is The Essex Map?

The Essex Map is a community asset map, which aims to help our local residents to discover and make the most of the wide variety of services available to them.

Who can use The Essex Map?

The Essex Map is aimed at people residing in Essex, UK. The map could, however, also be used by community organisations to understand where there might be service gaps within the county.

Can I add a listing to The Essex Map?

If you offer a service to the local residents of Essex that is for the benefit of the community (not for profit) or if the profits from your service are used for good causes (e.g. a social enterprise) then you are welcome to add your listing here.

Do I need to add multiple listings for my organisation?

If your service operates in multiple locations, or your organisation offers a number of different services, you are welcome to add a listing for each of these. This is not essential however, but may help users to find your services more easily.

Do I need to register to add or claim a listing?

Yes. This is to help us ensure that all listings and ownership claims are legitimate.

Can I manage more than one listing?

Yes. In order to help users effectively find services in multiple locations, or a variety of services from a single organisations, users are able to add and/or claim numerous listings.

Can multiple users manage a listing?

No. If numerous people within your organisation will need access to manage and update your listing(s), we advise that you use a generic email address from your organisation as opposed to one owned by a single member of your team.

I need help; who can I contact?

The Essex Map is owned and maintained by The Essex Alliance – for help adding, claiming, or managing your listing or for any other queries relating to The Essex Map, please email [email protected]